Written by: Sameena Aijaz

Directed by: Syed Ramish Rizvi

Producers: Abdullah Seja

Baddua Drama Cast, Story & Release Date 

Baddua which translates to "Curse" in Urdu, graced the screens of ARY Digital from September 20, 2021, to April 18, 2022, captivating audiences across Pakistan. Abdullah Seja, under the esteemed banner of iDream Entertainment, skillfully produced this intriguing series. The talented Amar Khan and Muneeb Butt shined as the leading stars of the show.

At the heart of "Baddua" lies the story of Abeer, a modern young woman facing conflict within her household due to her reluctance to adhere to conservative customs and norms. The series unfolds the challenges and conflicts Abeer bravely confronts as she resolutely defies the traditional expectations set by her family.

"Baddua" weaves a compelling narrative and delivers outstanding performances, taking viewers on an emotional journey. It delves into themes of individuality, societal pressures, and the relentless struggle for personal freedom, leaving a lasting impact on its audience.


Genres: Drama 
Release Date: 20-09-2021
Day & Air Time: Every Monday at (08:00PM)
Written by: Sameena Aijaz
Episode Duration: 40m
Channel Name: ARY Digital
Productions: IDream Entertainment
Country of Origin: Pakistan
Directed by: Syed Ramish Rizvi


Baddua Drama Cast

Amar Khan as Abeer
Muneeb Butt as Junaid
Mohsin Abbas Haider as Mohsin

Maryam Noor as Neelum
Mehmood Aslam as Mudassir
Shaheen Khan as Kausar
Hareem Sohail as Falak
Osama Tahir as Affan
Salma Hassan as Ayesha
Samina Ahmed as Mudassir's mother
Fareeda Shabbir as Haleema
Rubina Ashraf
Birjees Farooqui as Afshan
Komal Rizvi as Ather's wife
Abdullah Ejaz as Ather
Mariam Ansari as Annie
Shazia Gohar as Shabana
Ayesha Rajpoot

Ushna Saqib
Mohsin Gillani
Hammad Farooqui



FAQ's Section

Frequently Asked Questions

baddua was directed by Syed Ramish Rizvi.

Sameena Aijaz is the writer of baddua drama.

Abdullah Seja is the producers of baddua drama.