Written by: Kashif Anwar

Directed by: Shahzad Kashmiri

Producers: Shahzad Kashmiri Imran Raza

Pakistani Drama


Nauroz Drama Cast, Story & Release Date 

Nauroz a captivating 2023 Pakistani television series, marked its debut on Green Entertainment. The show, deftly directed and co-produced by Shahzad Kashmiri, orbits around the talented Mawra Hocane, portraying the central character. The plot follows the journey of a young girl from a quaint village as she sets off on a transformative path to a bustling metropolis.

This engaging narrative of Nauroz enthralls viewers, plunging them into a tale of personal growth, challenges, and self-discovery. As the protagonist navigates the dichotomy between a small village and a bustling city, the series unravels the complexities of life and the pursuit of dreams, offering profound insights. 

Genres: Drama
Release Date: 13-07-2023
Day & Air Time: Every Thursday (08:00PM)
Written by: Kashif Anwar
Episode Duration: 40m
Channel Name: Green Entertainment
Productions: Multiverse Entertainment
Country of Origin: Pakistan
Directed by: Shahzad Kashmiri

Nauroz Drama Cast
Mawra Hocane as Rishtina
Shamil Khan as Darvesh Khan
Manzar Sehbai as Karvaan Khan
Alamdar Khan as Armaghan
Salman Shahid
Rana Majid Khan as Rustam

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Frequently Asked Questions

nauroz was directed by Shahzad Kashmiri.

Kashif Anwar is the writer of nauroz drama.

Shahzad Kashmiri Imran Raza is the producers of nauroz drama.