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    Become a Photoshop Training in Lahore short course by shan-e-ulfat

    Course Outline


    1. Photoshop Introduction
    2. Photoshop Get Photoshop
    3. Photoshop Creating an Image
    4. Photoshop Opening a File Using Open Command
    5. Photoshop Colour Modes, Bit Depth, Resolution
    6. Photoshop Understanding & Managing the Workspace
    7. Photoshop Shortcut Keys/Hot Keys
    8. Photoshop Setting the Preferences
    9. Photoshop Keys in Windows & Mac
    10. Photoshop Layers
    11. Photoshop Layer Panel
    12. Photoshop Cretaing New Layer
    13. Photoshop The Active Layer
    14. Photoshop Background Layer
    15. Photoshop Creating a Duplicate Layer
    16. Photoshop Deleting a Layer
    17. Photoshop Grouping the Layer
    18. Photoshop Locking the Layer
    19. Photoshop Arranging Layers
    20. Photoshop Essential Hot Key’s for Layers
    21. Photoshop Opacity of a layer
    22. Photoshop Layer via Copy/Layer via Cut
    23. Photoshop Flatten Image/Merge Down & Merge Visible/Stamping
    24. Photoshop Adjustment layers
    25. Photoshop Auto-Blend Layers
    26. Photoshop Blending Options
    27. Photoshop Layer Mask
    28. Photoshop Disable/Enable/Delete Layer Mask
    29. Photoshop Vector Mask
    30. Photoshop Linked Layers
    31. Photoshop Transformation Smart Objects Resterization
    32. Photoshop Smart Objects
    33. Photoshop Rasterize
    34. Photoshop Color Panel/Swatch Color Modes Channels/Alpha Channels
    35. Photoshop Color Swatch
    36. Photoshop Color Settings
    37. Photoshop File Formats
    38. Photoshop Channels
    39. Photoshop Alpha Channels
    40. Photoshop Filters
    41. Photoshop Tool Bar
    42. Photoshop Move Tool
    43. Photoshop Marque Tool
    44. Photoshop Lasso Tool
    45. Photoshop Polygonal Lasso
    46. Photoshop Magnetic Lasso Tool
    47. Photoshop Quick Selection Tool
    48. Photoshop Magic Wand Tool
    49. Photoshop Crop Tool
    50. Photoshop Eye Dropper Tool
    51. Photoshop Color Sample Tool
    52. Photoshop Spot Healing Tool
    53. Photoshop Clone Stamp Tool
    54. Photoshop Healing Brush Tool
    55. Photoshop Patch Tool
    56. Photoshop Content Aware Tool
    57. Photoshop Brush and Pencil Tool
    58. Photoshop Pattern Tool
    59. Photoshop History & Art History tool
    60. Photoshop History Tool
    61. Photoshop Eraser Tool
    62. Photoshop Magic Eraser Tool
    63. Photoshop Background Eraser Tool
    64. Photoshop Gradient Tool
    65. Photoshop Paint Bucket Tool
    66. Photoshop Blur, Sharp & Smudge Tool
    67. Photoshop Pen Tool
    68. Photoshop Type Tool
    69. Photoshop Shape Tool
    70. Photoshop Zoom Tool
    71. Photoshop Hand Tool & Rotate View Tool
    72. Photoshop Slice Tool
    73. Photoshop Ruler Tool
    74. Photoshop Note Tool
    75. Photoshop Mixer Brush Tool
    76. Photoshop Count Tool
    77. Photoshop Art board Tool

    Become a Photoshop Training in Lahore short course

    2 Months


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