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    Learn WordPress Trainings Courses in Lahore WordPress Full Customization Trainings Short Course by shan-e-ulfat

    Course Outline

    Learn WordPress Trainings Courses WordPress Full Customization Trainings Short Course

    Arrangement and Configure WordPress 

    Contrast among wordpress.com and wordpress.org 

    Understanding the WordPress.org Downloads Website 

    Introducing WordPress on live worker 

    Introducing WordPress on nearby worker 

    Signing into Your Dashboard 

    Directing WordPress, Theme and Plugin Updates 

    Understanding the WordPress Dashboard – Updates Screen 

    Getting Version, Release and Modification Updates 

    Refreshing Based on WordPress, Theme and Plugin Compatibility 

    Moving up to the Latest WordPress Release 

    Making and Administering Posts 

    Setting Up Categories and Tags 

    Getting Title and Content Areas 

    Arranging the Publish Area 

    Setting the Featured Image 

    Making and Administering Pages 

    Contrasts among Pages and Posts 

    Making Your Basic Website Pages 

    Making Parent Pages 

    Contrast among Visual and Text Editor 

    Utilizing HTML to Extend Page Content 

    Making and Administering Menus 

    Making Your First Menu 

    Adding Pages, Post and Categories to Your Menu 

    Re-Arranging the Menu Items 

    Eliminating the Menu Item 

    Empowering Advanced Menu Options 

    Adding Custom Links to Your Menu 

    Embeddings Hyperlinks 

    Embeddings hyperlink to download document 

    Embeddings hyperlink to an External Websites 

    Embeddings Hyperlinks to an Internal Page 

    Embeddings an E-mail Address 

    Eliminating a Hyperlink 

    About Shortcodes 

    What is Shortcode 

    Instructions to utilize Shortcode 

    Shortcode Example 

    Designing Website Settings 

    Designing General Settings 

    Designing Reading Settings 

    Arranging Permalinks 

    Media Library 

    Understanding the Default Width and Height Settings 

    Understanding WordPress Image File Creation 

    Understanding the Default Month Year Folder Structure 

    Transferring and Managing Media Files 

    Subjects and Plugins 

    What is a Plugin 

    The most effective method to download module 

    Introducing, Updating, and erasing the module 

    Picking a Theme 

    Introducing and Configuring a Theme 

    Exchanging Between Themes 

    Adding Menu, Media and Content to a Theme 

    Directing, Upgrading and Maintaining Plugins 

    Illustration of how to utilize Plugins 

    Adding a Photo Gallery 

    Making a Contact Form 

    Gadgets and Sidebars 

    What is Widget 

    What is Sidebar 

    Adding/Removing Widgets 

    Adding Text, Post, Image and different sorts of gadgets 

    Adding a Slideshow 

    Transferring Images for Slideshow 

    Utilizing the Theme's Built-in Slideshow Feature 

    Introducing a Slideshow Plugin 

    Making a Slideshow 

    Adding the Slideshow to a Page 

    Adding a Slideshow to a Sidebar 

    Adding Social Media Buttons 

    Utilizing a Plugin to Add Social Media Buttons 

    Adding Social Media Buttons to a Widget 

    Utilizing the Theme's Option to Add Social Media Button 

    Embeddings Google Map 

    Opening Google Maps 

    Duplicating the Code 

    Changing the Editor 

    Gluing the Code 

    WordPress Web Security 

    Introducing and Activating the Plugin 

    Filtering Your Website for Vulnerabilities 

    Utilizing Strong Passwords 

    Changing the Admin User 

    Keeping WordPress and Plugins and Themes state-of-the-art 

    Staying away from Free Themes 

    Diverting Pages 

    Introducing a Plugin 

    Designing the Plugin 

    Adding a Redirect 

    Support up the Website 

    Introducing a Plugin 

    Making a Backup 

    Finding the Backup 

    Downloading the Backup 

    Dealing with Divi (WordPress Page Builder) 

    Step by step instructions to introduce Divi Theme 

    Step by step instructions to utilize various parts of Divi Theme 

    Understanding Divi Text Editor 

    Making Complete Website in WordPress 

    Making E-trade site 

    Making a Complete Landing Page 

    Writing for a blog 

    Business Portfolio 

    Modifying the Theme Using Code 

    Understanding HTML5 

    Understanding CSS3 

    Instructions to change the presence of the site utilizing HTML and CSS code 

    Adding an extra CSS into your Theme code 

    Changing the situation of the Theme parts utilizing CSS code



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    Learn WordPress Trainings Courses in Lahore WordPress Full Customization Trainings Short Course

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